Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year's Rieview

I love orange Amaryllis
I forced this Quince for this lovely American sideboard in the front hall
Gorgeous Dutch Amaryllis in the front hall,Magnolia garland at the staircase framing the View...

Formal Dinning Room
Holiday Centerpiece for a client's
We offer a wide selection of gifts and home accessories, something for everyone!
Holiday Orchids, always a perfect gift...
A vintage tree this year

The end of 2009 was a busy time for me. Usually I have a scheduled day off during the week, a time to work on the farm, all the MANY projects that need attention, including blogging. But throughout November and December, That all changes as the holiday season progresses at a steady pace. I go house to house, spreading holiday cheer and many yards of fresh garland and ribbon to at least one if not two houses a day. I'm lucky to have so many faithful clients that are on the books months in advance. The shop was decorated in a vintage Christmas style, We had purchased a fantastic Spruce look a like, that gave the perfect backdrop for some special ornaments. My favorite group of ornaments was a collection of hand blown glass shapes, each with a single bird feather suspended within. They looked great with some mouth blown art glass vases and our signature lotions and soaps from Blooming Lotus. The Bergamot &Ivy signature scent is most telling of real Italian Bergamot oil, and other select essences.

All season long, I gather materials from my farm to use at Bergamot & Ivy. Many an early morning was spent gathering cedar boughs laden with berries, bundles of native dogwood branches and even lichen covered bark for our special regional designs. It gives me the best feeling to use things that are native and abundant to me.

I want to thank all of my fantastic customers for their support throughout the year, I love what I do, and I love working with an amazing group of people every day of the year! Happy Happy New Year to you all!!


  1. Very lovely. I have never seen amaryllis used in a flower arrangement before. Everything looks incredible!

  2. Spectacular work. Everything is so crisp and just so. Bravo!

    Isn't it great when we love what we do?

  3. I've never seen that shade of orange amaryllis. You do fabulous work.

  4. Brian - if you were a pastry chef I'd OD on your desserts, if you were a painter I'd lose myself in your canvases, instead you bake tableaux out what you grow and the scent of your creations fill a room with joy

  5. Looks like you have the creative touch for sure. Wishes for a creative 2010!

  6. Happy New year to all of you! Brian

  7. Brian, all the arrangements and decorations are amazing! I mean it. Fabulous job! EVERY image in this post took my breath away. Forced Quince? What a great idea! Orange Amaryllis arrangement deserves to be in a royal palace... You are very talanted, for sure. Thank you for this beautiful Holiday post!

  8. Thanks Tatanya, you are the best! B

  9. Nice to see some of your arrangements in your client's homes! Beautiful!