Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holidays at the Farm

Cape Primrose, Streptocarpus rexii hybrid for some winter color
Holiday Star, Agave Victoria Regina
New Year's Snow Flake Cookies for Gifts
Waterfall in the deep freeze...
BC Binosa "Wabash Valley" always in bloom for the season
Burr Oak in the snow
miniature Amaryllis, so much bloom for a small bulb-"Trentino" from South Africa
Holly wreath with deer scull says happy holidays to me!
Bouche de Noel with white (green) chocolate leaves and fresh black good
frost spangled grasses

frosted Aster seed heads...
For me, the holidays are so busy, I have very little personal time at the farm. I relish those moments to my self, believe me! We were lucky enough to have a real white Christmas this year, not just a dusting of snow, but ten + inches on Christmas eve!

The snow was beautiful, creating spectacular tableau everywhere.I normally decorate a tree, and bring out all the decorations from their storage places, but this year I stopped at making wreaths from local Holly, and stringing natural pine cone garland on the staircase with a touch of Cedar from the woods.I didn't entertain for the holidays, so it was just for me this year.

I did have some beautiful miniature Amaryllis blooming, along with a great Orchid that always honors me with winter time bloom. All the Orchids are under lights right now, the greenhouse is just too large to heat to the temperature that they require, and they love being in the house with warmer temperatures and steady controlled lighting! All of them are sending up flowering spikes,as if on command!

I made a delicious Bouche de Noel, a dessert I haven't made since high school, for my wine group gathering. Sugar cookies were also on the agenda for simple, edible gifts. I love to bake, it calms me and makes me feel like I'm doing something that is filled with love. I don't keep much at home, but bring it to work or give as gifts to friends.

I spent the holiday eve with my brother's family, the snow kept coming and coming! At midnight, my brother and I took a walk downtown, a completely deserted street greeted us...too cold and snowy for most people! We went to the bridge on the river, stunning with ice flows going over the spillway.

When I got home at the end of the next day, there was sooo much snow, I had to park my car at my neighbors house and walk the half mile to my house through drifts of snow ,carrying clothes and groceries!! I loved being snow bound for a few days, keeping the home fires burning for two days in a row!

I took long walks in the snow, and ventured to the waterfall, still flowing in the frigid temperatures! I'm sure many animals come here to drink, as the big pond is frozen solid. We have had temperatures from the teens to below, it's cold here!


  1. Brian, what a way to end the holidays with quite nature walks that lift the spirit and clear the mind. Hoping the new year brings many great things your way. - G

  2. Brian, you can't imagine how I enjoyed this post. I virtually followed you around, admiring the drifts of snow, the waterfall, ice... It's very difficult for me to have a snowless winter. For many years, I used to have 4-5 cold snowy months in Russia, then it got down to a couple of months in Kansas City, then - to 1-2 short snowfalls in the Pacific NW, and this year - zero snow. Your picture of the oak tree is a masterpiece, and all the other pictures are lovely. Thank you!
    Have a Healthy and Happy 2010!