Monday, November 16, 2009

Too Wet to Plant...I'll Paint Instead

a small water color sketch for a client commission

midway through- I left the sketch with the client, so I used the laptop as a reference....decided to change the sky to something less "threatening".
The final painting with it's first coat of glazing, several more layers came next. This is the largest painting I've done, 44"by 60" I love regional landscapes, the way the light changes all over the country, the air and the terrain are constantly changing into something new. Our atmosphere here is moisture filled, giving a bluish green look to the surrounding landscape. I really enjoyed painting again, something I used to do more frequently.The painting is the physical part, but learning to really see something is the true art. My father always said to draw or paint something every day...think how good you'll get! he'd say.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Post Halloween Post...

The Fire Burned well Past Midnight....
Flames jumpin', Jack O' Lantern in the Distance
Another Side
Runish design
A memory altar for my family....chocolate and wine, of course!
I had a busy day at work on the thirty- first, then went home to my private Celebration. I had needed to burn old business records for some time, everything past seven years needed to be put to fire! These records have credit card numbers and canceled checks...tons of personal information I feel responsible for. The easiest way to eliminate these worries is to burn the whole kit and caboodle(what does that mean, anyway?)

I made a massive pile of said papers, and waited to finish up inside the house. I made a good dinner, opened a bottle of a nice red wine and carved my umpteenth jack o' lantern, but my first for me! I went for a neo Celtic knot looked like a bunch of runes when I was done, but it worked out just fine! My house was lit with lots of candle light, and I had Irish music borrowed from the American Irish blog site(thanks Steve) My Mom loved that type of music, as well as bagpipes...and swing music, if the truth be told!

It was a good cathartic evening for me, I'm a bit of a Pyro, so you can't have a bad time with flame! I do feel responsible for all that paper it's a task that needed to be done!

Before Midnight, I took a long walk to the Chinkapin Oak where my Godmother's ashes are planted, lit her a votive and gave her some one on one time...Dorothy was a very important woman in my life, like a second mother. The woods were full of moonlight and smoke, and I had a great time! Time to plant more bulbs around these tribute trees, they get better each year.