Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Cool Look at Mid May

High summer is here, and with it, high temperatures in the nineties with a blanket of humidity pooling all around we lucky inhabitants.I'm doing the required watering and tending, but no new planting is taking place right now.

The true inhabitants of the land are showing their true colors...I speak of the weeds, many of which are just the wild rightful denizens of this place. Some of them are friends with me, such as the wild bergamot that became part of my "corporate" identity. The native milkweeds are also very welcome here, as I add more species all the time.Got to love the Asclepias! But the crab grass and weedy asters crash the party and give the garden a blurry look. I am not a fussy gardener,it's the over all look and feel that is important to me.

I was feeling a little wilted today, maybe par boiled is more like it, so I thought I'd show some images of the garden in cooler days, not long soon we forget!
I love this native Maidenhair fern, Adiantum pedantum.
Horsetail and variegated Japanese butter burr in with the Hostas...and Centaurea-I'm feeling cooler!

Exbury Azealeas with Royal Frost Birch as a back drop, this one has a great fragrance...

  Victorian iron urn planted with pastels, including Viola "Etain", a tufted violet/pansy
Alpine inspiration of Sedum and a Swiss Giant pansy with natural quartz formations...

a Phlox subulata selection-I love the plum eye...