Friday, October 16, 2009

An Urban Paradise: The Garden of Designer Tim Super

"Akita" The Mystery Dahlia!
a side view of the Gravel Garden, Hornbeams at the back
Shag Bark Hickory bark siding, aplied one piece at a time...lichen covered beauty
lower fountain garden
Neoclassic pool house, on the middle level
As the Autumn garden has it's final show, before a hard freeze ends the final act for the season, I stopped by my friend and ex partner Tim Super's house last week. The pool was still open and we had enough light for a few quick shots. Tim had the early fall garden photographed for a local shelter magazine, it will be great to see it shot in a proper way(not mine!) The garden is composed of several outdoor rooms, all created by his own hand. The front of the property has beautiful tiered stone work, complete with hidden steps and beautiful vignettes. A blue stone path leads the visitor through a copper topped gate , in to a small formal gravel garden, framed in columnar European Hornbeam. Tim has used fantastic, shaped brick as design elements. These antique architectural brick is difficult to find, these aren't you run of the mill pavers!

Tim had designed a small garden house to fit underneath the branches of a veteran Magnolia (souloungiana?) He was using wonderful windows and tung and groove wooden paneling, salvaged from gracious homes throughout the that were being replaced with bigger and supposedly better homes. This little gem of a building is all about charm, that's for sure! I suggested that we try to use Hickory bark from my farm to side the gnome building...and it looks AMAZING! We harvested the bark from a dozen trees died for this project! , it's like cork trees. The finished building will have a slate roof with a thatch overhang and thatch at the peaks.

these were just quick shots, it looks so much more amazing in person! there are so many separate areas to explore. Tim even built the fabulous pool house, chimney stack and all. I will do more posts about this great garden, beautiful in all seasons!


  1. What a gorgeous, gorgeous, garden. I look forward to future posts about it.

  2. Just beatiful! The shag bark is really an extraordinary touch!

  3. Beautiful garden and those dahlias are spectacular.