Monday, October 5, 2009

Indian Summer

Baby Snake basking in the Sun
Spicy Ginger Blossoms
Mystery Dahlia, like crushed strawberries
Late Season Sunflower with Bumble Bees
Hawk Eye Belle
Siberian Aster, a pass-along plant
The weather in the heartland has been cooler than normal, but we've had a pleasant reprieve with an Indian Summer Sunday. I took a long walk, scouting out Bittersweet for my business, as well as potential pods, seed heads and interesting branches. I use many elements from Hiddenfield farm to use in my work. Hedge Apples are usually abundant for me now, but a cold wet Spring reduced the usual glut.

Many flowers are still holding their own, one of my favorites is a pass along Aster that I've known as a Siberian Aster...but I don't think that's what it is. At six plus feet, it commands attention and the hoards of Bees and migratory Monarchs love it! Brilliant purple is just right with the golds of the early Fall leaves.

The Roses are still putting forth a few blooms, an older Buck hybrid Rose "Freckles", and a new one for me, called "Hawk Eye Belle", a hardy, lovely plant. These Buck Roses get better and better, each year.

The last Sunflowers are feeding the Bumble Bees-did you know that our native Sunflowers are one of the earliest carbon dated cultivated crops?An amazing, beautiful plant.

Dahlias are putting out their last hurrah, They always seem at their finest right before a hard frost...Some people hate them, but I think they are pure garden luxury.

I thought my gingers had done their thing, but spotted a last spray of blooms on this peach colored plant. I don't know it's name, it was a gift from my dear friend Lisa, and it smells great!

I spent a few minuets basking in the warm Sun, then went back to garden chores. I looked over at a low brick wall, and saw two small snakes doing the same thing I had been doing moments before. I love snakes, they do a great job of critter control on a farm, believe me! I have Black snakes, Western Ringnecks, Blue Racers, water snakes, Garter snakes...but these are different. I have little rock on my farm, and Copper Heads and Timber Rattlers both need that environment to be happy. Could these be baby Copper Heads?? Cute, but they look a little venomous to me.Their eyes are fogged over, so they must be moulting...all snakes are more dangerous when they moult, they can strike out of confusion with the temporary blindness of shedding.

Here's wishing everyone a golden, Indian Summer, if only for a day!


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  2. The baby snake is not baby enough to suit me ;-)
    Love the freckles blooms. It is a new one to me and your asters are just beautiful.

  3. HHG, I love those Asters, a great time of the year for a big show! Check out Heirloom Roses, they have most of the Griffith Buck hybrids...hardy and no spraying needed!

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  5. Beautiful photos Brian, too bad we seem to have moved directly to winter. Perhaps fall will return, though.

  6. Just beautiful, Brian! I want 'Freckles' ;) and that dahlia and ginger, too. But, 'no tanks' on the snake!

  7. Brian, that mystery dahlia is special! I don't think I've ever seen this type. Your snake reminded me of our life in Lee's Summit,MO at the lake. Here, in the NW, we have only little garden snakes. Stay warm there, I saw your temperatures, it's getting cold!