Monday, April 20, 2009

Lilac "Nadezda",Viburnum carlesii

So many things are growing right now, I needed to add an additional mini post to get the highlights.The air is filled with the scent of Viburnum carlesii and judii. I love all viburnums...for foliage flowers, berries and for the wild life most seem to host. The spicy scent drifts in through the windows and greets you anywhere in the garden

Lilacs are a huge part of my life, and even though they bloom for just a brief amount of time, the quality that they add to a garden can't be denied. The first lilac to bloom was the fragrant "Evangeline" many more are on the brink of bloom. One of my favorites is called "Nadezda" that means hope in Russian (I think) so fragrant, heady and full. The scent pools around the bush in the evening air.

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  1. Lilacs are definitely one of my favorites! They are a nice childhood memory for me. Happy gardening :)