Sunday, April 5, 2009

Frozen Beauty

Early April is a perilous time to garden in the Midwest. We can and do have seventy degree days, and snow and hard frosts the next...only the hardiest plants can deal with such extreme temperature ranges. A recent morning proved to be fertile ground for capturing frost at it's crystalline best, just as the sun rose. The beautiful new leaves of the variegated Japanese Butter Bur hold their own in the frosted air. Thankfully, the early spring flowers can take the cold and revive with the dawn. The woodland favorite Mertensia-Virginia Bluebells take the cold in stride as do the regal Hellebore. I keep my fingers crossed when it comes to the fruit trees... A lite frost is fine, but a hard freeze will eliminate the harvest for another year. The fruiting pear blossoms have such rosy pollen,relished by Bees.

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