Thursday, June 3, 2010

Spring Catch Up

Hearts and Flowers....Forest Pansy Redbud
The vegetable garden has had it's share of gains and losses...spinach was a bust, but the tomatoes , onions, garlic and kale look great! All the arugula went to seed immediately, now I'll have it every where! Here are community pots of leeks, sweet onions, alpine strawberries and ruffled pansies for a co-worker
Catsup Bottle (or is it Ketchup?)
"Natural" terrarium I found in the of two
I'm afraid I'm not super human, so far from it! I've been so busy outside that the idea of taking the time to blog about my gardening and farm ventures seems irrational to me....! I'm out till' dark most evenings, enjoying the kaleidoscope of nature before me. The never ending planting and weeding just fill all my extra time. The house is dusty, and many garden areas have weeds still to be pulled, but new things have gone in, and old friends are blooming and growing like crazy.

I took many early spring walks, going places that now would be impossible with ticks and wild plant growth. On one such outing, I found an old dumping site from many years ago, mostly barbed wire and farm refuse, but these bottle gardens caught my eye, growing here for many, many years. Sometimes a beautiful thing can generate from pure trash. I try to wrap my mind around the tragic disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, one of the most fertile coast lines in the world...what beauty will come of that? and how far off ?? ever?


  1. Hey, we are all in the same boat this time of year. I find it very difficult to sit down long enough to put something in writing! Have fun this season!