Tuesday, February 16, 2010


the vegetable garden and chicken coop....the ladies will be inside today!
like a gingerbread house covered in royal icing
so, so peaceful and quiet
the courtyard gate
the woods virtually flocked in eider down snow
like a Disney landscape of meringue....

I know we're all tired of the amazing overdose of snow the country has had this year, but last week, prior to Valentine's day, we had the fluffiest, most gossamer down absolutely covering all the garden in fantasy...I had to go to work, but these are a few shots that give you a sense of wonder I had before leaving!

I'm ready for spring, but I'm grateful for the snow cover we have had, insulating everything when we got below zero....again

so even though we have all had way too much of it, I've never seen it look so amazing and different every storm! I might have to put a couple more pics on the next post to share with you, I could have stared in awe all day long...but it was a very busy week with the holiday coming up.


  1. I'm surprised you guys have had so much snow. We've actually had a relatively mild winter with very little snow. Seems it was all directed your way. It's always nice to look at but never nice to live in.

  2. A, you're right, it seems we have gotten ALL your snow! more than I ever remember!!

  3. Brian, I thought I was tired of looking at snow but I don't know if it was Mother Nature or the photographers eye, guess both, I have found your posted pictures most enjoyable. Thanks for sharing. - G

  4. Ahh,,, Brian, I just love snow. At least someone is getting it this year!
    ( Look......I'm actually leaving a comment!)