Monday, March 23, 2009

Crisp Whites for Spring

I love all colors...yes all of them, but I must say, the myriad of whites is always refreshing and pure. In a spectral sense, white light is all the colors...what we see in daylight. White pigment can have the essence of any color as well. You hear of warm whites, cool whites...dirty whites. All we're really talking about is dilution,right? I think that as long as we stay in a certain family of white, we are on a good path. The trick is to see what color is really lurking in the white. A cool white looks dead and gray mixed with a golden yellow, but a warm white glows when mixed with the same shade. When planting a garden area with a group of whites, it's important to keep the pallet in the same family. Whites will be pink, blue or yellow-just like primary colors...other shades are muddy and useless to a pleasing effect. The lure of the "moon garden" has captured the gardening world forever, these plants act like a beacon to the moon light, and the wonderful addition of fragrance to most white flowers is a real bonus as well. a great many white flowered plants do seem to have extraordinary fragrance. This is primarily to attract night flying insects for pollination. Moths see a white blossom like a small moon, and the scent is often a mimic hormone to the insect as well. We must remember that the sole purpose of flowers is not for our selfish pleasure, but solely for's all about sex, baby.

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